AutoPickup Waiver Tool

Transform Your Fantasy Game Overnight! With GiddyUp Sports, embrace the convenience of automated waiver pickups and say goodbye to middle-of-the-night stress. Our cutting-edge tool ensures you never miss out on top players, letting you rest easy while your dream team is crafted. Don't let another game day go by with a subpar roster. Join GiddyUp Sports now and wake up to fantasy success every morning!

  • Time-saving Auto Player Pickup

    No more midnight roster wrangling! Just schedule your desired swaps, and our app will automatically execute them at 3 AM EST on the dot.
  • League Rules Integration

    GiddyUp Sports integrates seamlessly with your league by using your league ID. This ensures that your auto player pickups follow the rules and regulations specific to your fantasy league.
  • Priority-based Selection

    Customize your player pickup priority list, and our app will ensure that you claim the most desired players available on the waiver wire, in line with your preferences.
  • Affordable Edge: Win Big with Ease

    Secure a season of seamless fantasy victories and restful slumber with GiddyUp. Our tool is now free, so you're not just playing smarter—you're sleeping better without spending a dime!